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It takes a pueblo!

Thank you to all the mothers, little ones, compadres, comadres y el pueblo (our familia/community here in Arizona y Califas) that have been in support of Indigena since the very beginning. Perla Farias Portugal & Justine Garcia have been such a support when it comes to photography and video locally! GRACIAS por todo el apoyo amigas!! I am also very thankful to the Familia Hidalgo Newton en Los Angeles that have also contributed to Indigena through their blog and photography skills... I truly appreciate it! <3

Our last Phoenix shoot was a HOT one and I am thankful to our compadre Renato Ramos that came through with water for us and helped me with Yolehua & Quizani. Thank you Ivana, Felicia, Christina, Alexis, Diana and Becky for your time! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from the shoot!!

We will be vending in the City of Inglewood September, 17th! Come visit us at Crozier Middle School located at 120 West Regent Street from 11-4pm. We will be having a 2nd photoshoot at Echo Park at 5:30 pm that afternoon. If you are in the area, please stop by!

Lastly, thank you to Brian and our chiquitas that have allowed me to help other mommas y bebes with not only finding a rebozo that works for them, but in supporting them through rebozo workshops, ancestral food workshops and in creating new bonds & support networks through Cihuapactli Collective.

Great things are happening and I look forward to the next few months!! Stay tuned!!

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