Indigena Mami was created as a way to heal/cope from the sudden passing of my mother, Maria Cristina Parra Martinez. She was a tailor for over 40 years who was born and raised in Texcoco, Mexico.

My mami birthed nine children and worked at home to raise her kids and work on trajes de mariachi, Ballet Folklorico dresses and more. At a young age, she taught us how to hem our own clothes, how to use her industrial sewing machines and the work it takes to make one traje de mariachi. She had many helpers in the kitchen, each having our own task to put meals on the table for us. She was a great teacher and motivator for us. Our mami pushed and inspired us to pursue a higher education and would tell me "no se dejen" when it came to being active in protests and organizing while in high school. She is deeply missed and as a way to honor her memory and spirit... Indigena Mami was born!

I am a stay-at-home mami, wife, babywearer, grad student and chef. I look forward to sharing more about our traditional teachings of babywearing, indigenous/ancestral foods and sewing.

Feliz Dia de las Madres mami!

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