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Chef Maria Parra Cano


Chef Maria Parra Cano is the owner of Indigena, a small business focusing on reaffirming the ancestral use of the rebozo during pregnancy, birthing, postpartum, and when caring for others/self. Maria was taught to cook at a very young age by her mother and learned about indigenous cuisines from Central Mexico. As a graduate from Scottsdale Culinary Institute - Le Cordon Bleu in 2006, Maria has been working with local community groups to expand their knowledge of ancestral/traditional foods. Maria received her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University and has recently completed her MBA from Grand Canyon University. Maria is a mother, wife, sister, aunt, community organizer, danzante y mujer de ceremonia. Maria is co-founder of the Cihuapactli Collective and co-founder MEChA de ASU’s Xicana/o Graduation.

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